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Jeff Dunham

Finished Dec 29, 2023

Simmons Bank Arena

Jeff, Achmed and company embark on their Still Not Cancelled Tour!

Jeff Dunham

Finished Dec 29, 2023

Simmons Bank Arena

Jeff, Achmed and company embark on their Still Not Cancelled Tour!

Why see Jeff Dunham?

Still Not Cancelled Tour!

One of the most successful comics in the business, Jeff Dunham continues his 'Still Not Cancelled' tour into 2024. He'll, of course, be joined by Achmed, Jose Jalapeno and the rest of his very animated, outrageous friends for an evening of envelope-pushing ventriloquism. Don't miss your chance to catch him live as he heads to a venue near you!

Taking Ventriloquism to a Whole New Level

As an entertainer, Jeff Dunham has truly impacted popular culture. His television specials and series have been the highest-rated programming in Comedy Central history, his videos have received half a billion views on YouTube, and his live concerts have become mega-events played in front of sold-out arenas worldwide. He had to extend his Las Vegas residency due to popular demand and had his own hour-long special on NBC, called Unhinged in Hollywood.

There's no doubt that Dunham is an entertainer at the absolute peak of his comic powers!

Key Information

Run Time

Two hours and 15 minutes


Finished Dec 29, 2023


Customer reviews

24 reviews, average rating: (4.5 Stars)


Jeff Dunham Come Back to Boston Soon!

Hands down the funniest show my husband and I have ever seen. This was a surprise, my husband in general doesn't like this type of show, so I knew I couldn't tell him that the show was before hand. It was to late for him to escape once we were in our seats, much to his surprise he laughed hard and louder than me, and that is almost possible. Jeff thank for for coming to Boston, thank you for making it a night to remember. Come back soon, this time I want to fill out one of the cards for the end of the show. I know exactly what to say on it :) ... Read more

J. Silvia

Better than I expected

I have been a fan of Jeff Dunham’s for years, I’ve seen every one of his specials, watched plenty of interviews and have even read his book. My sister and brother-in-law bought me tickets to see him at the Wang Theater on January 25th. I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of his characters was not dressed as Biden or Trump, which was a relief as I’m getting sick of jokes about those two in general. Jeff kept the audience laughing for 2 hours, and there was a moment in the show with Achmed that he began an ad lib which ended with the entire audience singing together. Jeff is an equal opportunity jokester, so if you get offended easily his show isn’t for you. Definitely not child friendly, but that should be obvious just based off of his specials. If you like Jeff or standup in general, I highly recommend. ... Read more



Jeff has always come through for every show we've seen but last night he was over the top AWESOME ! To control his puppets and his own voice at the same time and have an incredible sense of humor is a talent very few have. To be able to adjust your voice so it sounds like Walter is yelling from the case on the floor is pure talent. I love that he pumped up Bubba J to a new funnier level. Making Peanut do a skit without a tongue was hysterical. Jeff has taken this to a whole new level. He was really feeding off the audience and having a great time ad-libbing a lot in the latter part of the show. Even when you get someone in the audience standing up yelling at him (think the dude was baked), Jeff handled it well and did a few skits and insults at the guy that the whole theatre was roaring over. He doesn't let stupid humans bother him and goes on with the show. HIGHLY recommend seeing him over and over again. He just gets funnier every time. ... Read more


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